Region 2 Winter News from Dr. Paivi Samant

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My Dear Colleagues,

As your newly selected ACP Regional Membership Director for Region 2, I would like to wish you and your families a warm and festive Holiday Season. I am honored and delighted to have been selected to serve in this role, and look forward to hearing from you. By maintaining an active communication among all of our members, we strengthen our profession. I urge each and every one of you to bring to the ACP Board any suggestions, difficulties, or concerns you may have. The ACP Board is YOUR voice. Your ACP membership and your involvement at your local sections across Region 2 will allow the ACP to support initiatives important to all of us and better serve our patients.

The end of the year represents an opportunity for us to renew our relationships, appreciate our blessings, review our accomplishments over the past year, and make plans for the New Year. This has been a very exciting year for Florida as our membership voted to have the Florida Prosthodontic Association become an official state section of ACP. For those ACP members who have not been part of FPA, this organization, with its history of 47 years, has a significant history supporting prosthodontics in Florida and is older than the ACP. I believe that this represents a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the role of the prosthodontists brand regionally and nationally. I encourage every Florida ACP member to join your state section this coming year if you have not already done so. You will be able to pay your FPA membership dues through ACP.

The ACP recently held our 46th Annual Session in San Diego. With over 1,100 professionals in attendance listening to the latest advances in digital dentistry and material sciences, it was a resounding success, serving as a springboard for future annual meetings. Much of the success is due to the Program Chair, Dr. John R. Agar, who put together the Scientific Program. Equally important, attendees were also exposed to a variety of resources for professional development and patient education, which I believe will prove very helpful for private practitioners as we grow our profession both in technological prowess and awareness with our dental colleagues in other specialties and the public. These are exciting times for ACP members, and I invite you all to attend the upcoming 2017 ACP Annual Session which will be held in San Francisco, November 1-4, so together we can share the joys and challenges of modern dentistry.

Please consider a year end contribution to the ACP Educational Foundation Annual Appeal. This is the best way to support our professional education, research, and also to benefit prosthodontic resident experiences. Thank you for your involvement in growing our specialty.

With kind regards and best wishes for the Holiday Season and New Year,

Paivi A. Samant, MA, DDS