logoIn 1968 Dr. Vincent R. Trapozzano and Dr. John H. Ross (both of St. Petersburg) were in attendance at a dental meeting in Orlando,Florida. Dr. Trapozzano was a long-time diplomate and also a former President of the American Board of Prosthodontics and the unofficial dean of the Prosthodontists in the Florida area. Dr. Ross had only recently been certified by the Board.

These two prosthodontists began enumerating the Diplomates in Florida and Dr. Trapozzano suggested they consider starting a Prosthodontic society in Florida, limited to diplomats of the Board. They decided to call a meeting of all Florida diplomates to discuss the feasibility of such an organization and began work on a constitution and bylaws for the Florida Prosthodontic Association (FPA).

An organization meeting was held on October 26,1968. A constitution and bylaws were approved and officers elected. Dr. Trapozzano was elected President. The new Association set a policy of limiting speakers to members only and established a policy of equal time for discussion of the members after each presentation. To assure discussion, the FPA at first insisted on two discussers for each speaker. The FPA discovered that the members were not reticent, but eager to discuss and the association has always had plenty of that. These post-presentation discussions encouraged a strong bond of fellowship and camaraderie.

Today the FPA contracts with well-known speakers on a variety of topics that are current and applicable to the practicing FPA member and their dental team. Business meetings, as well as social activities are still conducted and participation is encouraged.

The Florida Prosthodontic Association is a voluntary, non-profit professional association with a membership consisting of educationally qualified, Prosthodontists and dentists with a special interest in prosthodontics. Many of the FPA members are Board Certified and are Diplomats of the American Board of Prosthodontics.

The Florida Section of the American College of Prosthodontics

cropped-Just-ACP-2.jpg2016 was a very exciting year for the Florida Prosthodontic Association (FPA) as our membership unanimously voted for the FPA to officially become the Florida Section of the American College of Prosthodontics (ACP).  For those ACP members who have not been part of FPA, this organization has a significant history supporting Florida Prosthodontics and is older than the ACP. It has been active for 48 years and every ACP member is strongly encouraged to join the Florida section this year.

Past Presidents

1970   Dr. Vincent Trapozzano
1971   Dr. J. Hart Long
1972   Dr. John Ross
1973   Dr. Henry Collett
1974   Dr. David Seitlin
1975   Dr. Gus J. Perdigon
1976   Dr. Robert Selz
1977   Dr. Wilbur L. Lehman
1978   Dr. George Krueger
1979   Dr. Davis Henderson
1980   Dr. David Kaplan
1981   Dr. Robert W. Shippee
1982   Dr. Frederick Hasty
1983   Dr. James Davis
1984   Dr. Larry Sindledecker
1985   Dr. Thomas Alderson
1986   Dr. Rill Banks
1987   Dr. Irving Zamikoff
1988   Dr. Robert La Criox
1989   Dr. Paul Arachacki
1990   Dr. Fred Muenchinger
1991   Dr. Glen Turner
1992   Dr. Gerald Kruegar
1993   Dr. J. Hart Long
1994   Dr. John A. Whitsitt
1995   Dr. Terry Kelly
1996   Dr. Robert Selz
1997   Dr. David Plank
1998   Dr. Robert Shippee
1999   Dr. James Davis
2000   Dr. David Clary
2001   Dr. Irving Zamikoff
2002   Dr. Dean Morton
2003   Dr. Edgar Davila
2004   Dr. J. Hart Long
2005   Dr. T. Gregory Jacobs
2006   Dr. Donald L. Smitha
2007   Dr. Glen E. Turner
2008   Dr Reza Azari-Samani
2009   Dr. Howard Chasolen
2010   Dr. José Dávila
2011   Dr. Gerald Goebel
2012   Dr. M. Reza Iranmanesh
2013   Dr. Lori Ransohoff
2014   Dr. Rachael Squier
2015   Dr. Paivi Samant
2016   Dr. Sundeep Rawal

2017   Dr. Ethan Pansick
2018   Dr. Ralph Attanasi, Jr.
2019   Dr. Ben Tindal

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